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Cloud Data Manager

Utility that can sync your contacts and calendar items between various data sources in the "cloud". Windows Contacts (Vista), Windows Live Contacts, Outlook Contacts, Google (Gmail) Contacts, FaceBook, Flickr, Twitter, etc.

One of the growing problems with Web 2.0 services is the seperation of information in various online databases (services) and no automatic integration between them. The Cloud Data Manager is a tool that allows you to configure synchronization between various data sources so your contacts and calendar events is always available and shared between the services you use.

Cloud Data Manager will support partial, one- and two-way syncs.

Example screenshots of applications and services that holds your data:


Windows Live Contacts.png
Windows Calendar.png
Windows Contacts.png


Gmail Calendar.png
Gmail Contacts.png


Outlook Calendar.png
Outlook Contacts.png
Outlook Tasks.png

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